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About us



Marley is an adventurous pup who voyages around the world in a backpack. To date, Marley has been to several U.S. states and territories, as well as other countries. 

Isabella "Izzy"


Izzy is a curious, creative and caring girl who loves visiting new places. She received Marley as a gift from her Grandmother - MiMi, and she takes him everywhere she goes.    



Dad is an Environmental Scientist who travels the world studying the effects of various materials on the ecosystem. He also helps find ways to save the Earth. 



Mom is an Environmental Journalist. This means she writes articles and books about things that are happening to the environment, and ways to protect it. 

the illustrator


 Cameron T, Wilson produces the lively images of Marley and Izzy's travels. He has been drawing since he was a kid and now has a clothing line called Soulsimplicity

the publisher


 Irie Press was created specifically to bring Marley and Izzy's adventures to life in the Where To Next? book series. Email to the publisher at

the Author

Kelly Nance

Kelly Nance is a long-time public relations professional and avid traveler. She received Marley as a present, and during a visit to a friend’s farm, the idea was born to make Marley a travel partner.

She combines her passions for writing, photography and travel to share her and Marley’s amazing excursions around the world.

Kelly is originally from Michigan and currently resides in Southwest Georgia. She and Marley are always

looking for the next exciting journey. 

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Email Marley about travels, events, book releases, promotions, or request an in-person book reading.